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New rules and laws for living in a rental

Your landlord cannot increase your rent for the next six months.

During the lockdown you can’t be kicked out of your rental, unless the landlord has a really good reason or you and the landlord agree that you should leave.

If you have been told you’re being kicked out of your rental before the lockdown began – you don’t have to move out until the lockdown is over.

If your rental has a ‘fixed term’ or an end date, and it ends during the lockdown, this agreement will change to an ‘open term’ which you can agree with later.

Landlords of boarding houses can kick out tenants if they think there is a risk to the safety of others living in the boarding house, but they still have to give you a warning.

If you have a housing emergency call us at PAERANGI on 0800 100 132

Landlords cannot kick someone out from a rental if they test positive for Covid-19.

But if a landlord is coming to the rental to do urgent repairs, you must tell your landlord if you think you have Covid-19.